Electric Bus

Marrakech, whose urban transport has been managed by ALSA since 1999, thus becomes the first city on the African continent to have a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) network.

Bus électriques 

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) is a transport system using high capacity electric buses with dedicated lanes.

It is expected that this first BRT line will reach 60,000 passengers per day in the third year of operation. ALSA will operate this line with 10 buses belonging to the SDL Local Development Company.

The main characteristic of these buses is their electric propulsion, which shows the serious commitment of the city of Marrakech to promote sustainable mobility and fight against climate change after the 22nd Conference of the Parties on Climate (COP22).


Bus électriques  ALSA

This first BRT route connects Bab Doukala and Iziki on an eight-kilometer route, providing easy access to major connection points powered by the city's urban network.

Our future vision of the project is to connect the peripheral neighborhoods with 2 poles downtown through 4 lines and through interchanges (Douar Al Askar, Bab Doukkala and Jamaa el Fna).

Since September 2017, ALSA Marrakesh has been operating this first line of High Level Fully Electrical Service in Morocco.

Marrakech-Bus electriques

On one hand, this project is the first example in the field of transport to show the contribution of Morocco in the improvement of the environment. On the other hand, the putting into circulation of these tram-buses, environment-friendly, will guarantee the comfort of the users according to the standards of sustainable development globally recognized. These buses will also ensure a service similar to that of trams or subways, but at a lower cost.