Our Mission

The ALSA Group made its first appearance in Morocco in Marrakech in 1999 as the urban transporter. ALSA Marrakech's transport network has increased significantly to 45 lines, providing an efficient service to the citizens of Marrakech and its region. 

By structuring the public transport network, Alsa has contributed to the economic development of the city of Marrakesh and its region by facilitating the movement of its residents.

Alsa has also helped simplify access to education and instruction for thousands of students. It evoluted from 5000 subscriptions in 2002 to more 30,000 today.

Our Servicies

ALSA Marrakech offers you student cards and the Ikhlas card to facilitate your travel with a reduced price and free admission for children under 6 years old.

The ALSA training center becomes the first officially recognised center for the training of professional drivers on the 5th February of 2014. Since then, 13 professional trainers agreed by the Ministry have been responsible for training future public transport drivers in Morocco.

The training is divided on the theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part includes more than 5000 hours of training. To practice, trainees have 6 buses to improve driving skills. At training center, we have implemented, a driving simulator to prepare future drivers for all situations that may arise while driving.

Image - Your Safety

Your Safety

To provide you the safest trip, we have placed a dynamic and engaged professional staff that has a long experience in the domain.

At Alsa Marrakesh, all drivers are well trained and are equipped with knowledge that allows them to handle any situation.

Our buses are all equipped with three CCTV cameras with a speed limit of 50 km/h in urban areas and 70 km/h in suburban areas.

Alsa is certified with:

  • AENOR – Emergency Management
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 39001

Scania, official distributor, has the most advanced facilities to carry out all types of repairs: Mechanics, Window repair, Washing and Painting, Bodywork, Pneumatics.

Image - Your Comfort

Your Comfort

As we want to offer the best ride experience to our customers, we have equipped our buses with free Wi-Fi. The technology is in the heart of our strategy, we decided to develop a mobile App on Android and IOS to provide you with all information regarding lines, stations, buses time and other valuable information. This app will be available soon.

Social responsibility

As part of the organization's values, the ALSA group actively supports a large number of associations and events that take place in the city of Marrakech. We have also developed collaborative agreements with local, national and international institutions to achieve excellence in service to citizens.

Some of these collaborations and supports are:

- Collaboration with UNICEF for the promotion of breastfeeding of newborns in the Kingdom of Morocco.

- UN-Woman: fight against sexual harassment.

- Sponsors most of the region's social, sporting, cultural and artistic events.

- Partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation: Bab Ghmat's orphanage in Marrakech.

- Partnership with the AMAL association.

Image - Our Environment

Our Environment

Pollution has an impact in our daily lives, and transportation contributes significantly to it. At Alsa, we have set several actions to reduce the impact of pollution, hence our drivers drive in an economical, efficient and non-polluting way. To monitor those actions, we have implemented a software that remind to every driver to follow the economical and non-pollutant driving way. ALSA is committed to sustainable development.