Our Mission

Since November 2013, the Spanish company ALSA has been selected to manage the collective transport of the city of Tangier and the neighboring municipalities under a delegated management contract.

ALSA Tangier supports this service for citizens of Tangier with the compromise of doing so with the maximum level of security while always seeking the highest levels of comfort.

Our services

We facilitate your movements in the city and in the region of Tangier thanks to our network made up of 44 lines, including 27 urban lines and 17 peri-urban lines, with which we reach most of the districts, cities and villages of Tangier.

For the smooth running of this service, we operate with a total fleet of 192 buses, including 154 urban and 38 peri-urban, with a staff of 530 employees.

To travel with us, you can buy the ticket directly from the bus drivers. We remind you that the ticket is mandatory to insure you in the event of an accident and to allow you to make claims later, if necessary.

For regular passengers, ALSA Tanger provides you with the Ikhlas Card, with which you can travel more economically and with ease of transit. It is bought and recharged on the bus.

For students, ALSA Tanger offers special rates using monthly subscription cards or discounted tickets.

ALSA Tangier also provides the tourist tour service of the city of Tangier with hybrid, panoramic and double-decker buses

Image - Your security

Your security

To ensure your safety on the bus, we count on the best professionals, carefully selected, involved and dynamic, with solid and significant experience in their trade.

All ALSA drivers receive the best bus driving training from the start and prepare to deal with all road situations. Is this training reinforced with training and retraining? periodicals.

All our buses are equipped with three CCTV cameras and are limited to a speed of 50 km / h in the urban environment and 60 km / h in the peri-urban environment, to guarantee maximum safety for our customers and also for other users of public roads.

ALSA is in possession of the AENOR certificate in Emergency Management. In addition to holding the ISO 9001 and ISO 39001 quality certificate in road safety.

Image - Your comfort

Your comfort

Since we take care of the comfort of our customers, we have equipped our buses with an air conditioning system, a free Wifi and soon we will provide you with the App on Android and IOS to provide you with all the information on the lines and the exact time of the passage of buses.
Recently, we have just installed Google Transit for a geolocation system that allows to know the lines to use.
This latest action is part of our digitalization strategy and making our services more accessible.

Image - Social responsibility

Social responsibility

As part of the organization's values, the ALSA group actively supports a large number of associations and events taking place in the city of Tangier. We have also developed collaboration agreements with local, national and international institutions to achieve excellence in the service offered to citizens.

Some of these collaborations and supports are:

  • Collaboration with UNICEF for the promotion of the Kingdom of Morocco for breastfeeding newborns.
  • UN-Woman: fight against sexual harassment.
  • Sponsors a number of social, sporting, cultural and artistic events in the region.
  • Collaboration with associations of students and parents of students.
  • Collaboration with actions to protect the local environment.

Our environment

At ALSA, we are committed to sustainable development and the reduction of the amount of CO2 emitted in the Tangier region. We use a fleet of buses that meet international gas emission standards and we subject our drivers to continuous training to drive in an economical, efficient and clean way.