In buses, we find a lot of clothes and accessories lost (sweater, coat, jacket, scarf, cap ...) but also wallets and purses, then glasses or sunglasses. But also the purses, backpacks, luggage and suitcases that are most likely to be lost. Then there are electronic devices like mobile phones or cameras. Then keychains, various documents, passports and identity cards.    Found object : If a member of the ALSA staff (Driver, Controller, Cleaning Officer) finds a lost object on board a bus of our fleet, the object in question will be transmitted and listed at the end of the evening at the control office. of the city concerned. Storage: The service keeps the object in question according to our policy of management of lost property which can be summarized as follows: • The objects remain stored for a maximum of one month, after which they are destroyed. • With the exception of perishable types (Food ...) or dangerous (Chemicals ...) for health reasons, they are altered 24 hours since their appearance. Recovery: To check if your lost item has been found by our staff, you can call the relevant city standard, or fill out the following form for the team to check if the item mentioned in your request is among the items found. You will be contacted by phone to give you a confirmation response to pick up your object in our premises