Our Mission

Our mission at ALSA Khouribga is to transport our customers safely with a high quality of service. Since the 19th September of 2015, we have assisted and collaborated in the development of the whole region by moving the citizens to their destinations thanks to a network that consists of 7 lines and 40 buses. We travel more than 1.5 million kilometers per year with the main objective of transporting the citizens of Khouribga safely with a high quality of service.

Our services

As far as our services are concerned, we offer our friendly customers a network of 7 lines to allow them to move safely.

ALSA Khouribga also offers student cards and Ikhlas cards to facilitate the travel, with a reduced price. It is of course free for children under 6 years.

Image - Your security

Your security

To ensure your safety, we place at your disposal professionals selected for their quality of service, involvement and their dynamism. You benefit from a solid and significant experience of their profession.


All drivers of ALSA Khouribga receive the best training and prepare themselves optimally for all road situations during regular safety training.

Our buses are all equipped with three surveillance cameras, door security system, and limitation of the entire fleet to 50 km/h.


ALSA has obtained a new quality certificate in its service. This time it is the AENOR certificate in emergency management.


ALSA has also obtained the ISO 39001 certificate of road safety.

Image - Your comfort

Your comfort

Since we take care of the comfort of our customers, we have equipped our buses with an air conditioning system, a free Wi-Fi and soon we will provide you with the App on Android and IOS to give you all the information on the lines and the exact time of the passage of buses.

Recently, we have just installed Google Transit for a geolocation system that allows to know the lines to use.

This latest action is part of our digitalization strategy and making our services more accessible.

Social responsibility

As part of the organization's values, the ALSA Group actively supports a large number of associations and events taking place in the city of Marrakech. We have also developed collaborative agreements with local, national and international institutions to achieve excellence in serving citizens.

Some of these collaborations and supports are:

• Collaboration with UNICEF for the promotion of the Kingdom of Morocco of breastfeeding newborns.

• UN-Woman: fight against sexual harassment.

• Sponsors the majority of social, sporting, cultural and artistic events in the region.

Our environment

As pollution has an impact on our daily lives, and transportation contributes significantly to the latter. We trained our drivers to drive in an economical, efficient and non-polluting way. This proves our involvement in reducing the amount of CO2 emitted in the Khouribga region.