ALSA's Code of ethics and best practices

To ensure that work is performed ethically in all its divisions, the National Express Group has prepared a document that records the Group’s Anti-fraud Policy, which was created to define the responsibilities of managers and employees regarding the prevention of fraud and the development of controls for the detection thereof.

Actions such as the theft of a company’s property, forgery or the alteration of corporate documents, the unauthorised disclosure of confidential information, etc., must be identified and reported using the defined channels.

The attached document I have provided for you presents both the Anti-fraud Policy of the National Express Group and ALSA’s Code of Ethics and Best Practices, which has been prepared to adapt the anti-fraud policy of the National Express Group to the uses and customs of the Spanish market and to legislation in force, thereby endeavouring to ensure honesty and transparency in the actions of everyone who may have a business relationship not only with the National Express Group, including employees, shareholders, consultants, sales persons, contractors, etc., but in particular with the ALSA Division.

Our company is one that provides a public service, wherefore we are even more obligated to maintain a good image and reputation with respect to customers, shareholders and public administrations.

As workers of ALSA, we have the duty to act with integrity and responsibly in the entire company, the duty to be the example of ethical behaviour and the duty to continue promoting the Group's Values.

At ALSA Management, we are committed to combating fraud, not only to create a climate of transparency in management, but also to protect the Group's assets and avoid financial losses.

Kind regards

Francisco Iglesias Campos


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